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HawaTech is typically a blog, a tech blog that provides you with essential information and detailed research on a particular topic. We're here to provide information that values in your daily life that is related to Technology of Nepal. We promise that we will give our best while we've to provide information to our lovely visitors. And also, we will make sure that the information, solution article or any piece of information provided in this blog is correct. HawaTech won't share your information with any third parties and also make sure that the user's information shouldn't be collected by us.

HawaTech can be the best source of information related to technology. We will always try to provide information that you need and also make sure to be the first. HawaTech will make sure that the user interface should be neat and clean, and mostly focused to be more user-friendly interface.

Why "HawaTech"?

Basically, we ve decided to start a blog that provides mostly the informative content, and the we've seen that informative content is important. Same like that air is also important and we've tried to find "AirTech" as our blog's name, but that was already reserved by anyone. So, we've decided to go with HawaTech. That's the story behind it.

Our Services

Actually, We're operating our site from that lovely country "Nepal" and we're Nepalese. So, we think to provide pure content that is informative for Nepal. So, HawaTech will mostly will provide information that is informative and correct too for Nepal, Using Simple English.

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