New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal

Previously, The ways to see IPO shares result are changed, and there are new methods to check IPO results in NepalCurrently, there are only 3 sites to check the result of the IPO allotment, and they are quite fast and reliable. There were multiple sites like ShareSansar and BizPati to view IPO allotment results in the back days, and now they can't be used to see IPO allotment results. Now, By only using those 3 sites, the IPO allotment result can be checked. Those 3 sites are:

1. CDSC IPO Result

There were chances of data misuse, So CDSC launches its own site to check the IPO allotment result. By accessing, you can check the IPO allotment result of any company. Only, After the distribution of shares (or after the allotment of the shares), you have to wait for an hour, and then you can see the result.

How to use CDSC's site?

It's quick and simple to check IPO results using CDSC's site. It is also a secure and wise choice because it is from the same company where MeroShare belongs to. To get started, follow the steps:

First of all, straight head into and then you will see this type of interface.

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

Select the name of the company where you have applied for IPO. (Currently, there are only 2 companies listed because it's a new site by CDSC, and it only contains the result of the previous 2 IPO's result)

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

After selecting the company name, Enter your 16-Digit BOID number (Demant account number). Then, see the image for more information.

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

It's one of the easiest methods for checking the IPO's result from a trusted site.

Note: Always Check IPO allotment results after an Hour of IPO allotment. Do not rush immediately after the IPO allotment for checking its result. This site may not show the result immediately or live after allotment.

2. Issue Manger's Site

Every IPO has an Issue manager, and for checking the IPO result, you have to find the Issue manager of that IPO. For example, I've recently applied for 10 kitta of the RURU Hydropower Project, and NMB was the Issue manager at that time. So, We have to visit NMB official site for viewing results. In that case, NMB has a URL heading into that URL, you can check the result for your applied IPO.

Follow these steps for more:

Visit you will see an interface like this.

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

Then, Choose the company, Enter First Name in the first blank box, and Middle name and Last Name together in the second blank box, and BOID Number in the last blank box. After you filled your information, It will look like this:

New Ways to check IPO result in Nepal 2021

Then simply click on submit button, your result will be processed.

Always remember: IPO Results will be published, but It may take an hour or more. The result for the IPO allotment won't be published live. SO, be patient and wait. Better to check results at Night Time due to less traffic to the site at Night, the Site will load faster.

3. MeroShare

MeroShare also allows you to view the result of IPO, but it takes time. Due to heavy traffic, sometimes the website can't load information. Using MeroShare to see the result is the easiest, but the result may take a whole day to be published. So, It takes time. You can use MeroShare Method for seeing your result of an IPO. Watch this video for more:

By watching this video, you can get enough information. But we won't recommend this method because it takes time and sometimes the website doesn't load due to the heavy amount of visitors at the same time.

Also Watch:


All ways listed above are legit and much safer than previous methods. Only 3 sites are providing IPO allotment results, and they can take time to load. The best site was the official site, CDSC IPO Result because it is much safer and faster than other sites. At our recommendation, CDSC's official site will be there, and others are also good too. If one site doesn't load at that time, you can go for the next site. More Options, More benefits. If one site doesn't load, make sure to check another site rather than waiting for the site to load.

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