How to transfer balance in NTC - NTC Balance transfer code

How to transfer balance in NTC - NTC Balance transfer code

In this post, we are going to learn "How to transfer balance in NTC" and we'll also learn to get your sim card security code that is required to transfer the balance amount successfully.

Only a few of you know "How to transfer balance in NTC?"  if you don't know to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC the step by step procedure will help you to transfer your mobile balance. It is easy, experimentally, and fun to transfer balance in NTC.

NTC also allows you to transfer the mobile balance to another NTC user's phone but many of you don't know the procedure to transfer balance from NTC. NTC Prepaid customers can transfer their balance in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 100 to GSM Prepaid sim but the number of transfer is limited to 5 times a day.

How To Transfer Balance In NTC?

Security code is compulsory to make a transfer in NTC. You should have to know your sim card security code to complete balance transfer process and without security code, you can't transfer balance from NTC to NTC. Don't know your sim security code scroll down for "How to know security code in NTC?".

To transfer your balance to another phone you have to know your security code. To transfer balance in NTC enter *422*Security Code*Reciever's Phone number*Balance amount#. After you did balance will be transferred to another NTC account you have entered.

They are the simple steps to transfer the balance amount from one sim to another and to know your sim card security code scroll down and follow the following steps. 

How to know the Security code in NTC?

Almost many of the people don't know their sim card security code even I also don't know my own sim card security code in the past time. Everyone is busy with their works and they can't give their time to know their security code. Know your NTC sim card Security code using this method.

Send messaging scode to 1415 to get your NTC sim card security code known.

By sending this message to the NTC customer care number the bot will reply a message with your security code within a few minutes. If your message takes time, try sending multiple times or visit your nearest NTC office or service centre to know your sim cards' security code. After you get your NTC security code then you can transfer whom you want and the minimum cost is NRs.10 and the maximum cost is NRs.100.


In this post, you have learned How to transfer balance in NTC and How to Know Security code in NTC with our simple explained article and now you can teach your friend to transfer balance amount from one sim to another sim in NTC. We hope you guys have learned all the big and small things that we have tried to explain in this article. Please feel free to ask any questions or doubts in the comment section below or you can even contact us. We are waiting to give replies to your queries.