How to take loan in smart cell: Smart cell loan Service

How to take loan in smart cell - Smart cell loan

LAST UPDATED: 2021/05/24

How to take a loan in Smart Cell, This question may pop out on your mind time by time if you're currently using Smart Cell's Sim and their services. Smart Cell Just Started its loan service to their prepaid users without charging any extra charge for their provided credit. Basically, a Smart cell used to provide the loan of R.S 10 only and when your sim's balance is less than R.S 5. But, In case of emergencies, it can be used. The loan is especially for emergency purposes that help you to get services when you are out of contact with others. In case you're in emergency condition you may use the smart cell loan services and get benefits from it. 

After you totally consumed your R.S 10 credit services the loan amount will be automatically deducted from your main balance when you recharge your sim next time without cutting any extra charges for their services. 

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Advantage of Smart Cell Loan

Well, you always see that the other private telecom companies of Nepal charge an extra sum for using their credit service. For Example, If you ask for a loan of 40 rupees from any other private telecom company in Nepal, they will charge 42-45 rupees from your main balance as service tax. But, Smart Cell is one of the private telecom company that doesn't even charge a single penny for using Smart cell loan services. That means you will get a free loan service without paying any extra sum of money.

How to take loan in smart cell?

The smart cell started to provide the loan in smart cell sim. Smart cell users, now they can get a loan of Rs.10 when their balances reach Rs.1 or less than one then the users can use the smart cell loan service by dialling *129*10#.

The smart cell started its Rs.10 Saapati service for its users when need. The company is providing easy refill loans when users' balance is insufficient. Easy to take smart cell loan service and when you recharge your phone for next time the loan for Rs.10 will be automatically reduced by your main balance.


This post all detailed information that is required to take a loan basically nothing is required a USSD code can help you to get a loan and also contain some little knowledgeable information. You have learned how to take loan in a smart cell. By dialling *129*10# smart cell users can take the loan. Tell your friends how to get loan in smart cell and share this post with your friends.